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We Educate Clients, Solve Problems And Litigate Aggressively When Needed

Ocala employment and business attorney Danialle  Riggins has substantial experience representing employers and employees  in workplace disputes. She also serves as an adjunct college professor  teaching employment law and business ethics, among other subjects. Her  in-depth understanding of both plaintiffs' and defendants' rights, legal  options and viable strategies will be a critical asset for you as you  decide whether and how to proceed.

Whereas a larger law firm may assign your small  business's needs to an associate with limited experience, working with  us means that you will work closely and directly with Ms. Riggins.

We emphasize: 

  • Knowledge and  litigation experience across a broad spectrum of employment law issues,  including unpaid overtime and improper pay claims under the Fair Labor  Standards Act (FLSA), all forms of workplace discrimination, Family and  Medical Leave Act (FMLA), sexual harassment and whistleblower  protections.
  • Comprehensive legal  advisory services for businesses that want to establish sound employment  practices, comply with all applicable laws, take advantage of  exemptions if possible and avoid costly litigation sound, clear guidance  on how relevant laws may apply to your unique circumstances as an  employer who must confront a complaint or lawsuit, or as an employee who  believes your employer is acting illegally      

In many cases, a business owner works with  Attorney Riggins to resolve a looming problem and finds that she can  provide invaluable employee training, handbooks and compliance counsel  as well as strength in any administrative hearing or trial. Our firm is  also a go-to resource for review and analysis of noncompete agreements  and other employment contracts.