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Divorce- Paternity-Timesharing- Child Support


The best step you can take, as soon as possible once you believe you have a  problem, is to talk through relevant laws, your rights and your options  with a lawyer you trust. Relying on friends or family members for  advice is simply too risky. Ocala family law attorney Danialle Riggins  will assess your unique circumstances and help you protect what matters  most to you.


Attorney Riggins is a spouse and mother  herself. She will take the time to understand both the practical and  emotional aspects of your case. Her trial experience is a standout  characteristic among family law attorneys, ideal for bringing  difference-making strategy to bear on tough negotiations and favorably  resolving the toughest disputes.

Many of our family law clients come to us  because Ms. Riggins has previously handled business and employment  matters successfully for them — and because high-asset divorce is  familiar territory for our legal team. We also welcome men and women who  are new to our firm and want balanced, action-oriented guidance.

We emphasize:


  • Developing an approach  to divorce or any other dispute that minimizes emotional conflict and  fallout for any children involved to the greatest possible extent

  • Thoroughly assessing points of conflict  — over children, child support, time-sharing, custody,paternity,spousal  support, property division and other issues — to identify potential  compromises for avoiding full-blown litigation

  • Advising each client  in full view of his or her key priorities, which may include achieving a  workable time-sharing arrangement with children and protecting business  interests or other high-value assets


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