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Landlord/Tenant Matters



Legal Needs Involving Property And Tenants?

Our firm can serve as a comprehensive legal  resource for you or your property management company with interests in  North Central Florida — wherever you are physically base.

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Business/Employment Counsel


Starting a business? We help with formation and growing pains of companies. Employer-employee relationships are built on trust and fair dealing for  mutual gain. They are also governed by a complex array of laws at the  Federal and Florida state levels. 

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Get The Caring, Practical Family Law Guidance You Need


 When a legal concern involves your family, it can be all-consuming. If  you are facing or considering divorce, what will happen to your kids and  your financial well-being may be all you can think about. This is also  true if you are engaged in a dispute over paternity and fathers' rights,  custody and parenting time, a proposed relocation involving your  children, or a range of other crucial issues. 

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Contract Disputes


Florida property law, real estate, contracts and landlord-tenant disputes  are core strengths for attorney Danialle Riggins. Practicing in the  Ocala area for over 10 years, Ms. Riggins has built excellent working  relationships with numerous property management companies based here in  Ocala and in other states such as New York and New Jersey. Whether you  can visit our office or require efficient communication by phone, video  conference or other means, we will strive to meet your needs efficiently  and cost-effectively. 

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Legal Questions


You may have questions, let Riggins Law Firm guide you to sources for the answers.

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